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Face Rejuvenation

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Face Rejuvenation

Anti-Aging Face Surgery
Turn time back – safely and effectively!

Our face reflects what we think and how we feel through its expression and appearance. Facial aging, trauma, environmental conditions, stress or heredity – all these factors can affect the balance and proportions of the person and can significantly affect how we feel and how others see us. If you are interested in improving the look of your face, the doctors of our clinic will be happy to help you. Rejuvenating operations conducted in the “Old Clinic” will help:

  • tighten flabby muscles and facial skin
  • change its outlines
  • make the face young, fresh
  • Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift

When we communicate and people look at us, we want our eyes to not look tired and do not betray our age, regardless of whether you are well rested or not. We want the eyes to be full of vivacity, youth – even if we did not get enough sleep. The main goal of eye area surgery is to remove bags, flabbiness of eyelids, open eyes – without losing their naturalness.

Rhinoplasty or a change in the shape of the nose

The nose is the central and the most striking feature of the face and the main factor in the harmony and balance between facial features. If you are worried about the size or shape of your nose, rhinoplasty is what the doctors in our clinic can help you with.


Time is inexorable to our skin and face in general, however, thanks to a facelift, you can reverse the aging process, get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin and excess fat under the chin. Facelift in our clinic can turn back the hands of the clock to help you become younger. New approaches in anti-aging plastic surgery today give the opportunity to look young and natural after the operation.

Neck lift

Flabby neck, fuzzy face, second chin … This is the area that gives our age, even if the face is well-groomed and looks young. Specialists GOLD CLINIC will easily return you for 10-15 years ago.

Plastics of the Face In Kharkov
Full list of procedures

  • Facial, chin, and neck lifting
  • Lipofilling of the face
  • Elimination of Bisch lumps
  • Facelift (coronary access)
  • Lifting of the skin of the temples
  • Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids, (topniablastoplasty)
  • Surgical correction of ptosis (descent) of the upper eyelid
  • Lower eyelid plastic (lower lobaroplasty)
  • Surgical correction of xantelasm of one eyelid
  • Surgical correction of lip deformities
  • Surgical correction of deformities of the auricles
  • Plasticity of the defect of the lobe of one ear
  • Surgical correction of the hump of the nose
  • Surgical correction of the nose
  • Surgical correction of the length (shortening) of the nose
  • Surgical correction of the wings of the nose
  • Repeated Rhinoplasty

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