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Medical Centre

New service in Gold Clinic

Our medical center Gold Clinic never stands still and always develops. Now we want to introduce you to our new specialist and the new direction of the work of the medical center. Meet Nikolay Panchenko – medical psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor of medical sciences, associate professor. In the clinic, the office of psychological counseling and psychotherapy…
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International ICAMPS Congress for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons GOLD CLINIC never stand still. This weekend, in Kiev, the ICAMPS International Conference for Plastic Surgeons was held. ICAMPS is the first international congress of plastic surgery and cosmetology in Ukraine, within the framework of which within two days only foreign stars of plastic surgery and aesthetic cosmetology share their experience. ICAMPS philosophy…
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Face Rejuvenation

Anti-Aging Face Surgery Turn time back – safely and effectively! Our face reflects what we think and how we feel through its expression and appearance. Facial aging, trauma, environmental conditions, stress or heredity – all these factors can affect the balance and proportions of the person and can significantly affect how we feel and how…
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Liposuction – a local removal of fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and neck for an ideal shape. Despite proper nutrition and active sports, the figure can still remain far from perfect because of fat deposits that do not succumb to diet or sports and spoil the proportions of the figure .. Liposuction is…
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Full list of executed procedures that we provide on your body Correction of the thighs with the removal of excess skin and fat Surgical correction of the anterior abdominal wall with removal of excess skin and fat Surgical correction of navel Navel transplantation Elimination of diastase of anterior rectus muscle Skin dermabrasion Elimination of tattoos…
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Breast augmentation in Kharkov

Breast augmentation in Kharkov. Breast augmentation or mammoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the size and shape of the female breast with the help of special implants or own fat cells. What is the operation for breast augmentation in Kharkov? To improve the contour of a woman’s body, which believes that her breast…
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Online Consultation

Now you can get a doctor’s advice on the topic you are interested in without leaving  GOLD CLINIC website

Package procedures

Complex treatment of acne Primary consultation (preparation of the protocol of treatment and examination) Regular examination of the doctor (3-4 times per course) Cleaning the face (2 procedures) Facial cryotherapy (10 procedures) Facial care procedures Total price: 2999 UAH. Treatment of diffuse hair loss Primary consultation (preparation of the protocol of treatment and examination) Cryomassage…
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